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Compliance issues for group health and other welfare plans.


Health Care Reform
The ACA: An Operations Update
ACA Prohibits Enhanced Health Benefits for Executives
ACA Whistleblower Claims: A New Compliance Headache
Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Do Now
Affordable Care Act Update - February 2014  
Benefits Update: The Regulators Speak
Health Care Reform: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly  
(PowerPoint Presentation)
PPACA’S New Benefits Claims Requirements
Health Care Reform Update - April, 2011  
Benefits Compliance Checklist: 2010 Year End
Health Care Reform: 2010 Participant Notice Requirements  
Heath Care Reform: Adult Child Coverage
Heath Care Mandates for Small Business
Small is Good: More Perks for Small Businesses in Health Care 
Health Care Reform: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


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Andrew S. Williams has practiced in the employee benefits and ERISA arena since ERISA was passed in 1974.  He has been recognized by his peers through a survey conducted by Leadings Lawyers Network as among the top 5 percent of Illinois lawyers in Small, Closely and Privately Held Business Law and Employee Benefits Law. 

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