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Benefits Law Group of Chicago, a web site maintained by the Employee Benefit Department of the Chicago, Illinois law firm, Golan Christie Taglia LLP,  provides information on:

Group health insurance (including COBRA and HIPAA
Pension and retirement plans (including IRAs, 401(k) plans, thrift plans, ESOPs and IRS compliance resolution system filings)
ERISA and ERISA compliance (including benefit claims and fiduciary duties)
Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), age discrimination and gender discrimination
Executive compensation (including deferred compensation and non-compete agreements as well as Section 409A compliance)
Other state and federal employment matters, including ADA, ADEA and Illinois employment law

Benefits Law Group of Chicago is a resource for HR professionals and human resource departments of private companies and not-for-profit organizations such as hospitals and medical centers, universities, associations and charitable organizations.

Recent Benefits Bulletins

Court Setback for Association Health Plans


The Department of Labor issued guidance in mid-2018 which allowed employer associations to adopt a single multiple employer health plan to cover a greater number of employers and their employees. These Association Health Plans (or “AHPs”) were intended to allow more smaller employers and self-employed individuals to ...

Court Case Clears the Way for Illinois Secure Choice Program


The Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program requires employers with at least 25 Illinois employees to set up a state-sponsored IRA based retirement program if they do not already have a retirement plan. Although the program is funded solely by payroll contributions from employees, subject employers must go ...

Will a MEP Plan Solve Your 401(k) Fiduciary Problems?


Department of Labor proposed regulations would allow certain employers (including employer groups or associations) and business owners with no employees to share a single 401(k) plan. This arrangement would transfer administrative and compliance responsibility to the sponsor of the retirement plan under a multiple employer plan ...

ERISA 2018 Hall of Shame


We have an award winner for 2018: Florida eye doctor Samuel Poppell.

In McLain v. Poppell, it was alleged that Dr. Poppell, owner of the Emerald Coast Eye Clinic and trustee of its 401(k) plan with total investment discretion, invested plan assets primarily in VirnetX, a ...


We were faced with a benefits reduction issue, and rather than try and wade through the bureaucracy and complicated forms by ourselves, we turned to Andrew Williams to guide us and assist in the appeal of the decision. We just received word that the decision was reversed.

We highly recommend ...

Art Mazzone

Andrew's work product coupled with the supervision of those who were instrumental in helping bring about a most satisfactory settlement … is very impressive. Andrew managed to recover the full obligation on the Promissory Notes but also included an impressive return on an all at risk investment.

Name Withheld, Naples, Florida

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