Employment Interview Guidelines


1.         Do not ask about the applicant=s date of birth unless there is a legitimate minimum age requirement for the position.

2.         Do not ask about the applicant's place of birth (you can ask whether the applicant, if hired, can submit proof of the applicant's right to work in the U.S.)

3.         Do not ask about the applicant's previous residence address (you can ask only about the address of the applicant's current residence).

4.         Do not ask the applicant whether the applicant rents or owns.

5.         Do not ask about marital status or whether the applicant has children.

6.         Do not ask the applicant whether he or she is in good health or has health problems.

7.         Do not ask the maiden name of a married applicant.

8.         Do not ask if the applicant ever had a drug or drinking problem.

9.         Do not ask a visibly disabled employee about the disability or how the applicant intends to perform job duties (you can ask whether or not the applicant can perform the essential functions of the job).

10.       Do not ask about the applicant's arrest record (in Illinois you can ask about criminal convictions).

Anything you should not ask in an interview also should not be included in an employment application!

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