We were faced with a benefits reduction issue, and rather than try and wade through the bureaucracy and complicated forms by ourselves, we turned to Andrew Williams to guide us and assist in the appeal of the decision. We just received word that the decision was reversed.

We highly recommend Andrew Willams to anyone that requires assistance with issues like this or any benefits related matter. 

Art Mazzone

Andrew's work product coupled with the supervision of those who were instrumental in helping bring about a most satisfactory settlement … is very impressive. Andrew managed to recover the full obligation on the Promissory Notes but also included an impressive return on an all at risk investment.

Name Withheld, Naples, Florida

I worked with Andrew for approximately two years…. In my opinion, Andrew is very knowledgeable and works well with other people…. Andrew was very timely in preparing responses to the other party as well as to me when circumstances required. Andrew has the ability to explain a set of circumstances so the average layman can understand the approach or problem and make a rational decision. During the time I worked with Andrew he did not deviate from his original approach, which indicates his knowledge of the subject and his ability to prepare for the work that is required to obtain the desired results.

I found the services Andrew provided me to be of a very high standard and I was exceptionally pleased with the result he obtained. In my opinion, Andrew is trustworthy, honest, and capable and I would not hesitate using his services in the future should the need arise.

Hazen Weier

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